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become known globally and attract lots of new premium clients!!

** SPOILER ALERT: There IS a way to boost your visibility credibility authority attract clients and get sales using media and PR!



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If You’re Serious About Getting Your Business The Recognition It Deserves
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With the world we live in today, there is truly UNLIMITED potential with online businesses to generate income whilst living a life of freedom and fulfilment. 

Are you maximizing your presence? 

This FREE Online Workshop will show you:

  •  How to become known in your industry as the go-to expert and establish your authority online.
  • Exactly what you need to do to be seen heard and get noticed with worldwide digital media coverage to become known globally.
  • The secret strategies to grow your following build a global audience.
  • ​How to effectively share your message online to attract your perfect customers.
  • ​Advanced techniques that’ll help you lend credibility from major business brands using the power of brand association
  • ​Get your product service to a global audience and generate sales and attract lots of new clients.

Yes, all of this at our Online Mastermind with Mark Stephen Pooler, The Global Profile Builder himself (and yes, it really is free for you).

Let’s be blunt: if you’re in any way serious about building your own successful online business, then this online event is one that you simply can’t afford to miss.

We’ll be digging deep into the world of online worldwide digital media and PR coverage, giving you with the tools needed to be seen, heard, and get noticed PLUS increase sales and attract clients.

Get Noticed, Start Your Presence Building, and Look Like A Pro!

  •  How to become known in your industry as the go-to expert and establish your authority online.
  • How to Dominate Google.
  • How to feature on Radio in Digital Business Magazines and Entrepreneurship sites.
  • ​How to get Featured On Fox NBC ABC CBS news sites including financial feeds industry news sites and many many more platforms to get your                  business the visibility it deserves
  • ​How to share your message online to attract your perfect customers.
  • ​How to gain exposure credibility authority and attract lots of clients using Media Coverage
  • Getting Your Product and Services to your ideal clients

Here are just three of the topics we’ll be running through at the Online Business Media Mastermind 

First up is Getting Your Message Right.

Whether you have products you’re selling already or simply an idea, we’ll get you razor sharp focus on your messaging for you to be attracting your Ideal clients.

Next, The Power Of Brand Association and how to get Featured in national press and global media.

While you focus on creating an awesome product, we'll help share an awesome message for your brand! Mark and his team are experts and know exactly how to get your brand to the right customers!

Finally, the last topic of the day is Digital Marketing and Social Media!

We’ll be teaching you how to get people to find you, connect with you and buy from you, all through the power of social media marketing using global media coverage.

Yes, it’s all about putting the right content in the right place and we’ll be teaching you the recipe for digital media success.

Not Sure Whether You Should Come? 

If any of these three descriptions sounds like YOU, you should DEFINITELY come:

  •  You want to gain exposure and visibility to your business and brand.
  • You have products and services and would like to get them to a global audience.
  • You’re getting results in your business but you’d like to grow your business globally by featuring in national press and digital media publications to            gain exposure credibility authority and attract clients.

Here’s who it’s NOT for: 

  •  People who just want to learn but aren’t prepared to do the work. We’re offering a limited number of FREE tickets that are determined to take action and succeed. If that’s not you, then this event isn’t for you.
  • People who don’t feel that their business will benefit from global Media Coverage. We’ve all got room for growth and every business can benefit from implementing online strategies so come with an open mind and a sharp pencil.
  • Those have no intention of starting a business. The Mastermind is focused on helping entrepreneurs and experts in business to achieve success and have more freedom to spend time with their loved ones, their passion projects and so on. But it all starts with the business as the vehicle that will get you the results.

​Ultimately this isn’t an event for people with a laptop and a dream that’ll always remain unfulfilled – it’s for action takers only.

So Let's Talk Logistics...

The Online Business Media Mastermind takes place virtually and you'll receive a link to the online workshop with your ticket.

What should I bring? 

  •  Yourself.
  •  An open mind.
  •  That's it!

Who Are You Learning From?

Mark Stephen Pooler 
The Global Profile Builder
is Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global, where he oversees the company’s media business as well as its intersection with global business leaders.

Prior to joining MSP News Global in 2020 Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International No.1 Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. He is the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency.

He has built a global business worldwide and Features in Worldwide Global Media. He works with celebrity clients and big names in the world of business and helps high profile high value individuals to be seen heard and get noticed with worldwide digital media to become known globally. 

During the Online Business Media Mastermind Mark will take to the stage and share his experiences and his wisdom as well as his tactics and strategies to help you build and grow your own online presence.

Why attending the Online Business Media Mastermind is the biggest no-brainer to say yes too of 2020:

You’ll learn from one of the industry leaders in online media and PR.

Mark is a no.1 best-selling author, international speaker and multi-award winning entrepreneur that has helped businesses globally to build their own online global profile so it’s fair to say that he knows more than a thing or two about what it takes. 

He will be sharing his experience at the Mastermind, and wherever you’re at in business you’ll learn something you can deploy pretty much straight away to make your business more successful. 

No attendance, no lightbulb moment. 

You know when someone says something that just suddenly makes everything else make a lot more sense?

When you hear something that you know can have a profound impact on your business. That’s the sort of moment the Online Business Media Mastermind can provide. But not if you don’t come. 

Simple as that.

Rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs.

Coming together with other entrepreneurs is a really beneficial thing for many reasons. For a start, you’ll get ideas from talking to people in the same boat as you.

You’ll also get the opportunity to connect and discuss potential joint ventures. 

And in case you’d forgotten…

…It’s FREE.

Attendance at the Online Business Media Mastermind won’t cost you a penny. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. 

Why not spend just an hour and half learning from The Global Profile Builder for FREE and learn skills that’ll ensure that you can spend hundreds of days in the future enjoying the fruits of your labour? 

We have a batch of tickets to the Online Business MediaMastermind we’ve kept aside to give away for free – and you can grab one NOW.

But be quick, there’s only a limited number available.
So what are you waiting for?
Get your ticket now.

Seriously, do it now.

You’ll regret it if you don’t. Click the button, secure your seat and we’ll see you soon – it’s going to be an hour and half you’ll never forget.

P.S A WORKSHOP of absolutely priceless knowledge on Online Media Coverage you’d be crazy to let that slide!

Pick up your FREE ticket to the Online Business Media Mastermind before you miss out on Mark giving away YEARS of experience and insight!

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